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CERT In-Service training will focus on Fire Rehab, with us reviewing the module

and setting up the trailer.

CERT In-Service - Fire Rehab

Campus CERT - USC Upstate

On 2/17 we begin our first Campus CERT program at USC-Upstate.  We have 65 enrolled.  We're looking forward to the opportunity.

2/13/2018 - Radiation Fundamental Training

Over 30 members took Radiation Fundamental Training on 2/13.  This is the first step of a three step process in our efforts to assist Union County with a FEMA evaluated Reception Center exercise. We can't thank our awesome volunteers enough for their willingness to help their community, and our neighboring communities, when called upon

1/25/2018 - CERT Graduation

On 1/25/18, 18 citizens completed Basic CERT Training at the Emergency Services Academy.  Fourteen of them have chosen to continue to their CERT training by joining the Advanced CERT program.  We look forward to these individuals getting plugged into one, several or all of the CERT Divisions.

1/3/2018 -  Support Activation

A special thanks to our 6 Support Services Volunteers who assisted, very briefly, with a fire in the City of Spartanburg. Given the fact, that after hours, our office isn't staffed, we had a great response time. Once again, to those who assisted, thank you. 




CERT In-Service - TBD

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