Spartanburg County is a division of the Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management.  Local government prepares for everyday emergencies. However, during a disaster, the number and scope of incidents can overwhelm conventional emergency services. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is an all-risk, all-hazard training. This valuable course is designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your neighborhood in an emergency situation. 

CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency and disaster situations where citizens may initially be on their own and their actions can make a difference. While people will respond to others in need without the training, one goal of the CERT program is to help them do so effectively and efficiently without placing themselves in unnecessary danger. In the CERT training, citizens learn to: 


  • treat the three medical killers by opening airways

  • manage utilities and put out small fires

  • controlling bleeding, and treating for shock

  • provide basic medical aid

  • search for and rescue victims safely

  • organize themselves and spontaneous volunteers to be effective

  • collect disaster intelligence to support first responder efforts

Since Spartanburg CERT's creation in August, 2005, it has become the largest CERT program in SC with 1,326 people trained since it's creation.  To reach this number, our program has conducted 69 training sessions, over 300 plus classes, and well over 1,200 hours committed to reaching this number.  To say our volunteer instructors are dedicated would be an understatement.  Blessed from the beginning with a great core group, our program has grown thanks to their dedication and the dedication of all of our CERT volunteer instructors past and/or present.  In addition, our program has grown thanks to our awesome volunteer support and their willingness to get out, spread the word and collectively, we continue to grow our great program.  With 2015 being a record setting year, we are looking to finish strong and take that momentum into 2016


What is Advanced CERT?

About us

Starting in 2008 and having grown since, Advanced CERT offers our Basic CERT members an opportunity to assist their community without there being a major CERT activation. Since it's creation, numerous CERT members have taken training in Ham Radio, First Responder, Wilderness Search, Wide Area Search, Sheltering, Disaster Animal Response Team and much more.

Basic CERT members who are willing to make the time commitment can consider becoming part of Advanced CERT. CERT members often take training and choose to be involved in one or several of the five divisions of the Advanced CERT program:


What is Basic CERT?

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