Welcome to the Spartanburg County CERT website.  This site will offer our CERT graduates, students, and prospective members a wealth of information about our program.  We hope you find it very informative and user friendly.  For those wishing to get a glimpse of what CERT has done in the past, I encourage you to navigate the main page (click on next button at the bottom of this page to see more headlines) or visit our 2005-2010 photo galleries (old website link).  For those wishing to see photos taken since 2011, please visit our Facebook and/or Flickr accounts.  If you have any questions about the Spartanburg County CERT program or would like to sign up, please click on the sign-up link on the left or call 864-595-5368.  To learn more about our program, please click on the About Us link.  If you wish to learn more about our SARdivision visit www.spartanburgsar.org.

Upcoming CERT Classes



Past Events


9/30/17- Support @ Harvest Day


Support services assisted with setting up the 7th Annual Community Emergency Preparedness Day along with the 4th Annual Inman Harvest Day 5k.  Overall, the team did an excellnt job with traffic control, race timing, registration, and setting up Community Emergency Preparedness Day.  As always, pictures of our Harvest Day activites are on our Facebook


9/8/17- CERT DART Assist ASPCA


Our CERT Disaster Animal Response Team assisted ASPCA with the initial setup of their animal sheter on 9/8. With more first day pets (more than 200) than initially expected, ASPCA requested DART assistance.  Overall, it was a very successful activation and gave our DART team members their first experience with a large, distrubution type Pet shelter.  ASPCA operated their Pet Shelter in Duncan SC from 9/8 to 9/24.  During that time, more than a 1,000 pets and 300 ASPCA volunteers assisted.    As with most CERT activites, picture from this DART activation are also on our CERT Facebook


8/8- Support assist with Hotel Fire


Our Support Services/Rehab Unit provided rehab services for the Country Hearth Inn fire yesterday. A special thank you to our volunteers who worked shifts to assist. In addition, a special thank you to McDonald's (Inman), and Bojangles (Roebuck and Asheville Hwy) for providing breakfast and lunch. As always, it was a great team effort by all. In addition, to any Fire Department who request rehab, thank you for the opportunity to serve.



7/27- Converse Fire Alarm Blitz


9 of our support services volunteers assisted the Converse Fire Dept and the Red Cross with a very successful fire alarm blitz - Thank you for the invite and we're honored to have played a small role in such an awesome team effort that produced great results - In addition, we wanted to say thank you to Pizza Inn on the Eastside - Regardless of the event, every Pizza Inn in Spartanburg has stepped up to assist - Please support them as they don't hesitate to support the community



6/22- Woodruff CERT Graduation


We had 15 more complete CERT training last night in Woodruff - Had we not been activated the previous Thursday, we would have had 18 - We hope the family that are on vacation this week complete the training soon - They should have an opportunity soon enough as we have two more requests for CERT training, one in Northern Spartanburg and the other at USC-Upstate. Thank you to Tim, Bill, Tommy, Kerry, Larry, and all of the other great CERT volunteers that assisted with this class. Also, a huge thank you to Fran and everyone as the Woodruff Community Center for being such gracious host. We hope to be back for future class opportunities.



6/20 - Support assist WFFD


SCOEM/CERT Support assisted the Red Cross, Westview, and all of the emergency response personnel on-scene at an apartment fire today. Normally we would list the response agencies but we didn't want to leave anyone out. In regards to support, a special thank you to Pizza Inn at Duncan and Asheville Hwy for 31 pizza donations. In addition, a big thank you to our public works department for providing personnel and equipment for building demo. As always, a great team effort by everyone. Please keep the 15 displaced residents in your thoughts/prayers. On a very positive note, no one was hurt in the fire.



6/13-6/14 - Support assist Carolina BH


CERT support assisted with ensuring the Carolina Brotherhood we're taking care of suring their brief stop in Spartanburg.  A special thank you to the Spartanburg Community College Downtown, Olive Tree in Duncan, the Beacon, and Spartanburg Fire Baptist for continuing to partner with CERT Support to ensure our responders are housed, fed, and showered.




6/9 - YouthStop CERT Graduation

Another great CERT graduation Class - Youth Stop District 6 Summer Camp spent the week learning CERT and taking part in a disaster drill we set up for them at the Emergency Services Academy - A special thank you to Albert and Sam for helping make the exercise happen - Overall, another great Youth Stop class



5/29 - Achieve CERT Graduation


Our fourth graduating CERT class of 2017 - the USC-Upstate Achieve class - Next week we have Youth Stop and in the next few weeks our evening class in Woodruff - We're looking forward to completing those classes and thank you to everyone who continues to support and/or participate in the CERT program



5/12 - Support @ Relay for Life Sptbg


CERT Support Services asssited with field maintenance at the Spartanburg Relay for Life.  it was a great team effort with an awesome turnout for a good cause.



5/9 - HPA CERT Graduation


The 65th graduating CERT class - good class and ended up with a decent number - thank you to all those who participated and to Bob for co-teaching - thank you Albert for your AV and overall support as well - also a special thanks to High Point Academy for having us back



4/28 - Support @ Relay for Life N.Sptbg


CERT Support Services asssited with field maintenance at the N. Spartanburg Relay for Life.  it was a great team effort for a good cause.



4/19 - Support Call @ Officer Harris Funeral


CERT Support Services, with generous donations from Krispy Kreme, Little River Roasting, and COSTCO, offered coffee, water, and doughnuts to those who attended Officer Harris's funeral.  It was an honor to assist and please keep his family/friends in your thoughts/prayers.





4/15 - Small Animal Shelter Training


Eleven of our Disaster Animal Response Team Members along with two Polk County Animal Control employees took this training on April 15 at SCC Tyger River Campus. A very special thanks to Dr. Krugler and our own Dr. Elliott for teaching the course.





4/10 - Support Call @ Cross Anchor


 CERT Support Services assisted numerous fire departments in the Cross Anchor community.  They were responding to a residential structure fire.  The trailer wasn't needed therefore a scaled down rehab was offered:



2/16 - FSE @ High Point Academy


Overall, we had 34 exercise subjects and 47 Advanced CERT members particiapte in what ended up being a great FSE exerieince.  The school was so please they offered their facility for a full scale exercise this summer.  Needless to say we're excited about the relationship we're forming with High Point and the future possibilities of utilizing their amazing facilities in the future.  Thank you High Point and thank you to all of our CERT volunteers for making


2/9 - CERT Graduates 2 classes


On 2/9, two classes completed CERT training at Hight Point Academy. We hope to see many of them back for the Full Scale Exercise. A special thanks to Bob Grudzien for helping me out tonight and to Bob and Tim Jamison for helping teach both classes. In addition, we would like to thank Samuel Etheredge for offer Leadership Bootcamp the week after the full scale to the High Point Class. Lastly, a huge thank you to High Point for being such gracious host.




CERT Opens Shelter - 1/30-1/21


CERT Shelter team members  deployed quickly to assist displaced residents after a fire.  A special thank you to our awesome volunteers for their hard work, Spartanburg First Baptsit Church for allowing us to use their gym and Chick Fil A for donating breakfast




CERT Opens Cold Weather Shelter - 1/6-1/7

CERT opened a Winter Weather Shelter open at High Point Academy - A special thanks to our 17 volunteers who helped suring the shelter activation. In addition, we want to give a special thanks to Fatz for their food donation, to Ambustar for transportation, to Public Works for plowing the parking lot, to High Point Academy for being so gracious to let us use their facilities, and to our 4 volunteer night crew.  Due to very minial power outages the shelter was closed on 1/7.



Basic CERT - The Online Route


Currently there isn't a Basic CERT Class scheduled.  However, for those who do not want to wait for the next class, you can join our CERT program by completing the following courses and providing a background check:


Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS-100


Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams 

IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction


Once you complete these three classes call 864-595-5368.  From there you will receive instruction regarding the background check process.  It's simple and it doesn't cost you anything.  Our background checks are conducted by Verified Volunteers and after the phone conversation, an email from Verified will follow shortly thereafter.  Should you have any questions regarding this method of joining cert please call 864-595-5368.  Everyone who joins in this manner must participate in a Basic CERT exercise within one calendar year after joining.  Thank you for your interest in the Spartanburg County CERT program.




For those who are going through the program or have been through the program, we are attempting to create an online library.  This library will have the CERT participant guide, in-service PowerPoint's, and other CERT/Advanced CERT manuals/PowerPoint's.  To view the library, click on the link below:


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